End users

They need a Strong Reason to download another app. 

There are Too Many apps already out there to even count.
In fact, studies show that only 1 in every 10,000 apps is profitable!
Google is predicting the End of Native Apps.

Here are just a Few Ways we accomplish App Downloads.

A Bright Future

As more and more businesses realize that GeoTargeting is the wave of the future, something the customers Prefers because they can control what they see based upon their needs, interests and most importantly, Location, the word spreads about our app.

Previous Entries into this market have Failed.

They simply didn't understand what would motivate an end user to download.
Just saying, "Here it is, it's cool," doesn't cut it.
But if the End User sees Value, they WILL Download.


ONE App for ALL


Once they realize they can use the app in their favorite business, get their loyalty programs consolidated in one place, engage a business, get special V.I.P. treatment, stay in the loop with their church or school, get their H.O.A. announcements, etc., they realize this the One App they must have.


Updates and Announcements

School - Church - Club

We GIVE local non-profits like Schools, Churches, H.O.A.'s, Golf Courses, etc. their own systems so they can keep their members in the loop and use the GeoFencing feature to make targeted announcements.


Find Deals

One of the Biggest

As folks realize the App will find them deals and steals from businesses they are close to NOW, they begin to use it more and more.

Business Owners are Promoting to All their Customers

Each business promotes to their customer base.
As more and more businesses come in, the nubmer of app downloads begins to increase.
Even their competitors are adding to the number of app users in the overall base.
Everyone is helping everyone else.

This is called Viral Growth.


Users See businesses that are Close to them NOW.

Our App is Functional and They have the Control.

As they realize businesses are presented to them based upon their location, they start to spread the word.

Unlike Google Places or some of the other systems out there, they aren't bombarded with ads.

Our added feature of being able to click on a listing and drill down for More Information is a Huge Hit with them.

End Users spread the word.

Built right into our app is a system where we Incentivize Users to spread the word.
Once they realize they can make a little extra money on top of their savings with the app, more magic starts to happen.



A training and update system for your business clients. It will include a Video Newsletter that comes to them on a timely schedule with a training series up front when they first sign-up for their free listing.
Will also include video How-To training so your phone stops ringing off the hook. Ours is a Do-It-Yourself system to the business owner, freeing you up to get more clients. 
Our goal is to Tie them to YOU so when we introduce new products, and we have several in the pipeline, they know about it and check it out on their own, yet you still get the commission because they are your customer, something we take seriously.



Real Estate is a Very Competitive Business and we have a special presentation app dedicated to Realtors. Imagine every Realtor in your area becoming a paid customer.
We even show them how to ditch their expensive website for one that's better and FREE, and you can even get involved there, charging them an additional monthly fee, someting most will pay as they now pay $75 to $100 a month for a basic Template Based site that is very limited and not very functional on Mobile. I know what they need because I'm currently a Licensed Realtor.



You want to approach every golf course in your area with this Free Tool and we'll show them how and why it will work for them. As a former PGA Card Carrying Pro, having competed on the Champions Tour, I know what Club Pro's need.

Imagine a system for their Men's Association or Junior Golf where messages pop-up when folks hit the parking lot.
How about a greeting to everyone arriving for today's tournament.
And there's lots more examples on the site.

Now, Imagine the course promoting your App to local businesses and you just pay them a small referral fee on a paid enrollment. Club Pro's love this.



This is just an example. We are redoing the site slightly to reflect an introduction to a Chamber as this is geared to the Chamber Member, but we'll have both. Within weeks we will be doing three roll-outs through Chambers. They eat this up because they recognize a true value proposition for their member base.


See the Link...

Another opportunity is in the Non-profit, Church and School market. Every one of them has needs and our system solves some major problems.
In this area you and I can work directly, I know something about this market as I used to be a Regional V.P. with a Student Planner company and called on schools in three states.
Note: This link is also being updated as it can also include a slightly different product.


Customized Presentations

Let's work together. There are places where folks concentrate at events like Fairs, Rodeos, Carnivals, Concerts, Flea Markets, Farmers Markets, Malls, etc.
We have a series on this to show you how to get in there and get the business.
If there is a special one you need, let us know and we can make it quickly.
We even have an outlet for Hats and Shirts. Imagine having FreeGeoTargeting.com or FreeGeoFence.net on your shirt in a mall. Think you'll get interest?


Push Button Marketing

If you can hand out flyers and Push Buttons, you can do this business.
What if you could walk into a business and ask the questions above?
And what if you then just followed-up or contacted us and put them into the Auto Prospecting tool?
And what if you then merely helped them get signed up for their FREE system?
Or better yet, entered them in and then SHOWED them their New App?
And then you let the system upgrade them to paying members generating you a monthly commission?


The Evolution of Apps

We build all our sites in this system and if you want, we'll give you control even over your replicated website.
This can also be an additional source of income for you since many businesses will pay for this service.
And guess what, it's Also Free.


Non-Profit Organizations

Non-Profits have special needs and we have them covered.
As you saw above, we even have a fundraising sector for this and we also have two products for non-profits.
Whats-OUT and then PulseOUT.
This app will explain the benefits of each.
(Now under construction.)



Our Vid-Mail automated system works on auto-pilot.
We can use this several ways.
Resellers go into one system.
Business clients another.
Business Prospects another. Example, you send us the email address of a business you want to prospect to and the system goes to work, churning out messages every few days.
Each business is on their own schedule so you know when to call them back at the end.

Here is an Example of one we used for a Chamber Rollout. It has just one message and the email included the little banner you will see.  www.Vid-Mail.com 


We do our Own Video

Video is Critical.
Let's say you want to present to your Local Chamber of Commerce. Work with us and we'll create a custom online presentation for that Chamber only.
Now, when you do your rollout, the news release will indicate your site with your Chamber information, instructing the members to get their free listing.

We can also show you how you can get into this Profitible Video Market.



As a part of WhatsOUT.biz, the Business Owners update app, we will have regularly scheduled webinars covering the latest news and updates, tips and tricks.
In addition, we will use this system for Reseller training purposes. Example, you have a new sales person who needs to get up to speed on how to work with Scenarios.
You merely log into your system and click on the "Screen Share" and give me "Mouse Control" and as we talk, you see me doing it right on your computer.
We also recommend you get this system for your training of your business clients.

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